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Tascam DR-05 and DR-07 mk II


Tascam DR Line at B&H:

In this video we spend a few minutes checking out these two recorders, both featuring built in stereo microphones. Both deliver excellent sound and are simple and intuitive to use.



  1. por que mierda ni una review, demuestra los sonidos ambientes, como son captados o no…, si las grabadoras atenuan o no el ruido ambiente…

  2. Although in the video it is said that the 05 does not have overdub and reverb , i read some comments that say that they upgraded 05 so that is also includes overbud and reverb as well. Is is true ??

  3. I understand that the Tascam DR 05 is a recorder but is there anyway I could use it as a microphone? That way I don't have to spend time in post-edit to sync the video and the audio.

  4. Thanks for your help.

    Can you advise: My volumes are low on the latest recordings. Can you adjust it? How do you compensate for speech only? I have the vol turned all the way up and I can just about hear it.

  5. One question if I may: How do you zero out the track number? Mine is at 700 now. What do I not get, or am I stupid? I erase all the tracks by deleting the contents of the MUSIC folder after I have transferred my files to hard drive. When I record it's without going back to zero.

  6. I am not very tech savvy and not sure if I missed this on here, but does the DR-22WL allow for play back of recording or does everything have to be transferred to another device for play back if the recording?

  7. bonjour
    comment changer la sortie "écoute" casque/haut parleur intégré sur un tascam DR 05
    (voir l'ecran d'accueil, icône n°13 sur le manuel)

    je ne trouve pas l'explication dans le manuel


  8. Good night. Bought a DR-05 and would, if possible, to get me a question. When I connect an external mic to the DR-05 I hear a hiss, which only disappears with the recording volume below level 30. I have connected a lapel mic and Turn Videomig Go and both the hiss is audible. It happens to you too? Am I with a faulty drive? When I use the auto level this also happens. I guess it's a gain that the DR-05 take the microphone out, but I thought the noise was not to appear. When using the internal microphones do not hear this noise. If you can help, thank you. A hug.

  9. Hello, I recorded (for myself) sound on a concert with DR 07 MKII and by mistake I activated Overdub function, so I have a question: Tascam DR07 MKII can separate those 2 records? Practical the second records It was overlapped on the first resulting in an undesirable mix.

  10. Hello, great review. I want to record my voice for YouTube vids, and I cant decide between Zoom h1, Tascam DR 05 and Tascam DR 07 MKII. I need to plug the small external mic that is put on a shirt(lav mic). Being an expert, what would you recommend?

  11. I can't decide which one to grab. I am going to connect a lav mic to it and hook it up to a groom during a wedding ceremony. Would the 05 be sufficient or should i get the dr 07?

  12. As people said here, the 07 mk2 has Cardiod mics, vs Omini directional on the 05. I was wondering if the 07 is worth the price difference. Also, the 05 firmware upgrade has overdub and effects. Someone said the 05 can be used as USB mic, is that true?

  13. I got Tascam DR 07 Mk II and then I found out that it can't be used as a USB mic. On the other hand, DR 05 can be used as a USB mic. Please take this into consideration if it's important for you.

  14. Can anyone help me? i'm recording videos about wellness and fitness, and i need something that allows me to record high quality talking without the "P" sensitivity problem , Does Tascam DR-05 do the proper job or need the DR 07 mk II? moreover, is better in audio quality ZOOM H2N of these 2 products?

  15. I'm shooting an outdoor walk and talk. I'll be approximately 5 to 10 feet away from moving subjects. What's your best recommendation for audio from Zoom H5, Rode or Tascam DR40 as options? Camera will most likely be a Canon EOS.

  16. A question, If i have two people facing each other, separated by about four feet, can I put one of this recorders overhead and get good sound? What do you recommend in this scenario, perhaps the tascan DR100MKII?

  17. Hello, I'm interested in DR-07, and there is mention of "plug-in" power. Is that phantom power? Is the power sufficient to power the say, condenser lavalier mic, or bigger condenser mics (with proper XLR to stereo 3.5mm jack adapter)

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