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Take Your Self-Portraits to the Next Level


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In this video, we give you some tips on how to take better photos… of yourself! Who needs a model? Not you!

1. Plan your shoot | Just because you’re taking photos of yourself doesn’t mean you should just wing it! Put the time in to thoughtfully plan your shoot. What style are you going for? What’s your inspiration?

2. Choose the right outfit | Make sure what you’re wearing re-inforces the vibe you want for your photos. Keep in mind that logos / graphics / brand names on clothes can be distracting. Think about how what you’re wearing will interact with the location in which you plan to shoot.

3. Props | This step is optional, but consider bringing along a prop or two for your shoot. In this shoot, Rachel bought a disco ball to bring her party of one to the beach.

4. Sketch Out Your Ideas | While this may not be for everyone, sketching out the poses you want to do can really help you when you’re actually at the shoot. Think about how your outfit + props + location + poses will all work together to create the best shots.

5. Think Outside the Box | This is a chance for you to be as creative, weird, or goofy as you want. Let your style and personality shine. You don’t have to be weird like Rachel, but we recommend trying out poses that are different from the millions of identical shots we see throughout social media on a daily basis.

Bonus Tip 1: Bring a tripod and reflector | The tripod is kind of obvious since the idea of a self-portrait is there is no one around to take your photo, but you may not think about a reflector. Rachel brought along a cheap and lightweight light stand and used our camera bag to help keep the reflector in place. This is ideal if you want to bounce some fill light onto yourself.

Bonus Tip 2: Choose your shutter release method | Our favorite way to trigger self-portraits is with the Interval Timer built into the Canon 5D Mark IV. This allows us to set the number of photos the camera will take and the time in between photos. If you don’t have an interval timer built into your camera, you can always use a self-timer. You may also be able to use an app to connect and control your camera or purchase a dedicated remote trigger.

Music from the video:
:01 | Intervisionary by Dayfox
1:12 | Next Chapter by Out of Flux
2:18 | Winter Day by Dayfox
3:37 | Healer Might by Ben Noble
4:24 | unreleased track by Daniel (Generation Lost)






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