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How to Use ND Filters: Tips, Tricks, & Special Effects


Riding the Iris, a little on ND filter uses in videography. getting creative, special tips, cool round filter adapters, buying ND filter gear at B&H.

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The Basics | Introduction to ND Filters

Beyond the Basics | How to Use ND Filters

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  1. Please anyone answer…
    -Witch brend for circular polarizer filter is better? FuyiYama or Hoya?
    -I'm not sure but i found that canon 50mm 1.8 stm lens need 49mm filter? Am i right?
    -What means for ND filters "ND4/32/64/…"?
    Hoya pro ND4/32/64/… 49mm are same price (50€ in my country)…
    Which one exactly i need?
    -What is better to get first? An ND or CL filter?
    -Do i need filters in the beginning?
    -Which CPL filter is better for the price? Hoya circular polarizer (40€) or hoya digital slim (50€)?

  2. Variable ND Filters…hmm.. is it easily accidental to change the grade of ND by using this type while shooting?
    I just don't get how a slight twist of the wrist could change the ND # on a large lens I mean, you have a fixed diameter lens and a limited diameter of the ND filter before it changes the grade of the ND in only a small sliver of glass

  3. I hate the use of ND filters with a passion. I help moderate a photographic FB site, and I've seen too many photographs ruined by people thinking they are being clever by freezing water, and making it look like cotton wool. I would never ever buy one.

  4. I've nikon d750 with a nikkor 24-124 mm lens. I want to buy a variable ND filter for my lens, so which ND filter should I buy. I'm bit confused about the size of ND filters. what mm ND filters should I buy?

  5. Hai B & H.. please help. I need to buy an nd filter for my nikon camera. (lens is tamron 17-50 f 2.8) which filter is suitable 58mm , 72mm or 77mm.. or any one fits. please reply.

  6. Hey guys, quick question; my background would always be over exposed. Brighter clouds generally brighter background and it's ugly from my subject which is in a very sunny day. I wouldn't want to use a fill flash either. Would nd filter solve this problem? If so what nd filter should I get? Also, which one would really solve this problem; nd filters, uv filter, or a polarizing filter?

  7. I got my Sony a6000 and SEL50f18, SEL55210 from B&H recently. I'm planning to get the Rokinon 12mmf2 and Sigma 30mmf2.8 soon. I'm confused between the circular ring type filters and External Square type filter/holder setup. Which one should I go for? Different thread size lenses means I've to buy separate filters for diff lenses if I go for circular one. Now if I go for the external setup like Lee should I go for 150/100 or Seventy5 series? Since I'm using a crop sensor(a6000) will the bigger (150/100mm) filters will give me same gradient as the smaller one(Seventy5)? And if I plant to upgrade to a FF camera in near future what should be my choice to use in both type of bodies(lenses)? I just dont want to buy again the expensive Lee setup for FF body. And there're so many type of filters, which one should I choose as a beginner for landscapes (to use with Rokinon 12mm) and also for portraits (SEL50f18) ? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

  8. Hey, how did you get the yellow/white dot on the Variable ND filter to align with dead center of the camera (the dot on the camera/lens facing up)? Thank you

  9. +Danny Feng       Depending on the quality of the particular make and model of the filter it could subtly soften an image. In general an ND shouldn't unless its just a poor option. Better quality filters will maintain the sharpness. What specific brand and model filter do you have so I may regard it and comment on it? Thanks in advance. – Yossi

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