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First Look | Nikon ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter


In this video, photographer David Flores demonstrates how to digitize film slides with the Nikon ES-2 Digitizing Adapter. He discusses some of the techniques he uses for capturing the best image possible from each slide, including shooting in raw format, using a compact lens, lighting your slides with an LED, enabling autofocus, and more. Check it out!

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  1. To reverse a negative in Lightroom, go to tone curve, select linear mode, and use existing points to flip the RGB curve so that highlights become shadows and vice versa. Then export the file as a DNG and re-import it into Lightroom, and all your adjustment sliders should work normally.

  2. This is an overpriced product for what is essentially a plastic tube and some slide holders. And it doesn't work without a macro lens or a full-frame DSLR.

  3. I notice in the video that you demonstrated that ES-2 with the film in the 35mm holder. From what I've learned, you supposed to shoot the negatives with the Emulsion side facing the Lens. Not away from the lens. After you shoot you are supposed to reverse the image in Light Room or Photoshop. Does it really make a difference? I don't know! What say you?

  4. But how do you get those AMAZING film colors that we shoot film for? To me only the Fuji Frontier and Noritsu provide the right colors.. Flat bed scanners and digitizing with a dslr is all guesswork with the colors. 20 random photographers will make the colors look 20 different ways! None will look the way the film is supposed to!

  5. Holy Crap ! $350 for some moulded plastic !! I think I'll keep working on the cokin filter idea, just need to couple the filter holder to the negative tray from a cheapie slide scanner and I've saved $350…

  6. why a shutter release cable? If the unit is a good fit to the lens it shouldn't matter if you bump it during exposure.? I've been trying to make something like this myself with a cokin filter holder and extension tubes.

  7. Well, I can't and never will be able afford a bloody D850 unless I find a dead rich person in the alley way with load of $$$$$ on him, I do have a D5300 and decades worth of slides and negatives,

  8. Thank you for your effort. May I suggest you delete the music because it is distracting and from my mobile it clangs and distresses. Music for music venues, silence for concentration.

  9. This looks like a Blast!!! I have a lot of slides- but no where as many as you… I think i need to do this on a rainy day!! It's reasonable price too!!
    Thank you.

  10. Why would you use this instead of just using a dedicated scanner, it seems like a lot of mucking about and there's no way this is faster than a proper scanner. Didn't Nikon use to make a half decent scanner?

  11. Slides are the best. If taken care of they will look like they were shot yesterday. I did a bunch of my family’s from the 50s-60s era and they were crystal clear.

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