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Canon VIXIA HF G30


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The Vixia HF G30 sits at the top of Canon’s consumer camcorder line. The 20x optical zoom lens, programmable manual lens ring and dual SD card slots, come together in a compact body perfect for handheld video.



  1. Does anyone know how to remove the display screen on a Canon HF G30? I dropped my camera and everything is fine except the touchscreen display. Canon wants 350 in labor and trying to replace the screen myself.

  2. As a amateur filmographer, I've worked with the Canon HG10 for a while… But after a year or so filming with said camera, I noticed the low light footage is grainy, but that's kinda expected due to it being an older camcorder, but I've been looking to upgrade. What would you guys recommend? The VIXIA HF20, or the VIXIA HF30?

  3. In all the pictures I've seen of this camera it's had a huge lens hood, but I was under the impression that it wasn't removable. Is this a different version of the Vixia HF G30? I'm asking because I'm trying to help a friend with camera stuff, but I'm not sure if the camera would be able to have a lens filter attached or not.

  4. Which camera is the best between the Canon HF G30 or the Sony FDR-AX33 considering I don't need 4k? I want the best 1080p image quality and will shoot mostly on tripods (Sony's BOSS isn't a plus). Thanks!

  5. Could you please tell me if the Canon HF G30 can place a display on the screen that records Hours Minutes and Seconds so that the Hours Minutes and Seconds are seen on the screen with the time and day? … The reason I'm asking is because in order to Record in a Federal Courtroom, you need a camera capable of recording "Seconds" in addition to the Hours and Minutes. … Do you know of any Digital Cameras that do record Seconds, and then Plays those same Time settings when transferred to another device? Price is not a problem.

  6. +David Weale        The HFG30 is worth the extra investment of your hard earned cash.  In addition to the more advanced image sensor and processor (better low light imaging) and a 10x longer zoom lens [26.8 – 576mm -20X (35mm equivalent)] focal length and a manual focus ring that can easily be set to control the zoom instead], The HF G30 also offers a more sophisiticated IS system, more recording formats; 1080p @ 60fps (35mbps bit rate) and (MP4) for easier and faster uploading to web platforms,  new OLED touchscreen, a cold shoe for 3rd party accessories like lights and microphones,  built-in Wi-Fi for easy file transfer, social media uploads, and app-based camera control.

    Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:   >Mark<

  7. For a college student in Communications that will be shooting interviews, Documentaries, action shots, and night time airshows, is it best to start with the HF G20, or just spend the extra on this HF G30? Thank you!

  8. @B and H  i always used a standard sony cybershot camera for concerts. woud this camcorder give me better video shots for concerts. ive used the canon g20 from my film teacher for one concert i went to. it came out great but would these camcorders give bettervideo shots on concerts (weather its indoor or outdoor)?

  9. Wonderful detail review! Is the HDMI on the camera HDMI mini or standard?  and what tripod would you recommend because i bought tripods in the past that made it hard to pan because it was jerky. thanks

  10. I really want this camera because it's at the right quality and price point for me (and most of my other cameras/camcorders are Canon) but I'm seeing a lot of chromatic aberration in this video. How tolerable is it generally, and are there better options from Sony, Panasonic, etc?

  11. Hello B&H, i need some feedback on something, I am starting out as a videographer, i shoot weddings, plays, and small projects from short films and ads. currently my budget is fair or low. i don not want to buy a 5D mark 3 i know what it is capable of but its not the right camera for videography and such stuff. If i need a camera like a sony that is HD, for such stuff. normally most would go for something close to a sony pd 170-175 or even later. now the canon g30 has what i need for a handheld camcorder, with the specs of a pro. i noticed the sony hd-c900 does not have xlr input like its other older brothers, and like this canon g30. so if i need something affordable at the time with smooth zooming, and long lasting shooting HD videos, till i can upgrade to something more professional, what will it be, the sony hd-c900 or canon g30? thankyou ps i do not live in the states im from the middle east, but since USA is much more ahead of the middle east, i tend to take feedback from the american market. thankyou  again and merry christmas to all.

  12. I've owned this camera for awhile now and I'm very impressed with it. 
    People have commented on how my videos "look better" this year. 
    So I tell everyone, its not me, its the new video camera I bought. 
    When you start hearing comments about how your videos have a more professional look to them, then you know you've made the right decision to buy the camcorder.  

  13. I ordered this camcorder about 3 months ago and started having issues with it about a month after I got it. When I first got it, is shot pristine footage then got progressively worse. Not staying in focus etc. Lots of blur while panning etc. I had to send it to Cannon and they said they had to replace the entire front lens assembly, and the rear assembly and adjust the electronics. I got it back 2 weeks later and although it was much better than when I sent it, the footage and panning issues have not gone away completely and now I am thinking I will have to send it back to Canon again. I have had it only about 3 months! I am convinced that I got a lemon, but dont let my post get ya down on the G30. I did a ton of research on it before I bought it and I would say over 95% of the reviews I have seen on it have been really good mentioning great build quality even. I just got a lemon lol, it happens lol 🙂

  14. Hello, great review, thanks. I'm wondering, when using the built-in mic, is there any audible recorded noise from the auto focus motor on this camera? The constant quiet annoying clicking?

  15. That's just cool seeing that parts of this video were shot near the pier in R.E. Olds Park in Oldsmar, Fl. (One of my favorite places to get shots of the sunset…)

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